It’s that time of the year – Flu season. This year, 4 different strains are included in vaccine to protect you from other strains. Most people develop immunity within 2-3 weeks of vaccination. It is recommended that you get vaccinated prior to the peak of the season Mid April – August. It is not too late now. The most effective way to protect yourself and your family is goto your GP and be vaccinated.

The government has provided for some groups of people eligible for free flu shot and available at so please book in for a flu shot.

  1. Pregnant Woman
  2. Chronic Disease (eg Asthma)
  3. Over 6 months of age
  4. 65 years and older
  5. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander over 6 months of age.

True Influenza is more than a cold. Signs and symptoms include: Body aches, extreme fatigue, loss of appetite & sudden onset of high fever. Cold symptoms may follow (runny nose, cough, sore throat etc). This can go on for some weeks.

During this time it is important to take good care of yourself. Rest, keep warm and drink lots of fluids.


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